Facebook Connection

All the information you need can be found on our website. We feel having all the information easily accessible in one place is going to be convenient for Pioneer Encuentro attendees. We encourage use of the website. However, for those who are familiar with Facebook and prefer to leave comments or engage discussion there, we also have created a Facebook Page [https://www.facebook.com/PioneerEncuentroSLC/] and Event [https://www.facebook.com/events/683015055431931/].


Going to Eat?

There are many restaurants in and around downtown Salt Lake City.  Information about their locations, cuisine, hours and affordability easily can be found with our smart phones using apps designed for this purpose.  Some restaurants recommended by local dancers are found under the Local Info tab on this website.  Here we can share more info about our local dining experiences with other Encuentro-goers. 

Looking to Carpool?

Are you driving to the Encuentro? Do you have space for passenger? Do you nee a ride? Here is where you may be able to connect with others to improve your travel to the Encuentro. Parking at the Clubhouse venue is limited. Uber and Lyft are active in Salt Lake City but carpooling, where possible, makes sense and can be fun. Give it a try.

Looking for a Roommate?

If you’ve booked a hotel suite or Airbnb accommodations and are looking for a roommate or are looking for someone to room with or willing to host you for Pioneer Encuentro, then this is the place to let people know, to connect with other attendees, and find what you are seeking.  Nice.