Paul Akmajian


Paul Akmajian (Tucson/Albuquerque) has been dancing tango for over 20 years and DJing for the last 15. In addition to being a regular DJ in Tucson, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Paul has DJ’d nationally and internationally at numerous major festivals, marathons, and encuentros, including Portland, Denver, Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, Asheville, Charleston and many places in between.

As a DJ, Paul work hard to keep everyone energized and dancing long into the night by playing the highest-quality, most familiar, time-tested and dancer-approved music from the Golden Age of Tango.


Vincent Lam

 Vancouver, Canada

Vincent Lam from Vancouver, Canada has been dancing tango for 12 years and spinning tunes in the Pacific Northwest and at Encuetnros, Marathons & Festivals throughout North America and Europe for the past seven.

He favors traditional tangos, mixing his tunes with a sense of fun and romance. Vincent enjoys photography and travel, but of course, all revolving around tango.

Michelle McRuiz - Image.jpg

Michelle McRuiz

Albuquerque, NM

Michelle has been a DJ for nine years, a tanguera for 13, and a dancer for almost her entire life. In addition to tango, she has studied ballet, tap, jazz, African dance, belly dance, and flamenco. Her innate musicality and sensitivity to what the dancers need to hear have made her a popular, reliable DJ within New Mexico and at regional tango events.

Michelle believes all tango DJs are in the business of customer service, with the “customer” being the dancer. She eschews cleverness and focuses on keeping people on the floor for tanda after tanda with beautiful, danceable music. Michelle has DJ’d at milongas, encuentros, and festivals in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah, and Cambridge (UK).

Sohrab 4.jpg

Sohrab Soltani

Sohrab has danced Argentine Tango for over 7 years. He has taught, organized, and DJed local Milongas and Practicas in Charleston in the past 4 years.

He has DJed Milonga La Portena January 2018 in Atlanta, Milonga Utopia August 2018 in Durham, Milonga Durhamite October 2018 in Durham, and Utopia Encuentro, Charleston edition (Milonga Zafire) in November 2018."

Christopher 3.jpg

Christopher Nassopoulos

As a long-time social tango dancer and deejay, Christopher favors accessible, danceable music—the cohesive and coherent tandas that Encuentro dancers prefer. This gives dancers a sense of trust and allows them to enjoy each partner and the overall ambiance of the milonga. 

Christopher personally loves music from the golden era.  If he plays classic arrangements that help dancers connect and focus on their dancing then this, he feels, is a win for him as a deejay and for the event.